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  Digital Marketing Consultation

Includes a written assessment and recording of your consultation


Your Digital Marketing Consultation Includes:

* A checklist of over 40 key factors that impact the effectiveness of your online presence

* Assess the effectiveness and ease of navigation of your website to ensure engagement

* Use of content marketing SEO to attract ideal clients

* Evaluation of your website copy to maximize your ROI

* Evaluation of your online reputation 

* How you use social media and the professional appearance prospective clients will see

* Appraisal of your online directory listings so your ideal clients can easily find you, putting you ahead of your competition

* You will receive a written report as well as a recording of the free consultation with our recommendations for future reference 

This assessment and consultation is for you if...

You are a entrepreneur who is not only working hard providing services, but tyring to market your business as well  

You want to fill your schedule with ideal clients and grow your practice quickly 

You want to improve your marketing without spending extra time or hiring additional staff

You are at the beginning of your career or feel your practice has become stagnant  

You want to take your practice to the next level and use digital marketing to achieve fast results  

About M&B Global Solutions Inc.

Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl

Our team of experts provide everything you need to build a strong online presence and attract ideal patients and turn them in to lifetime patients without taking up valuable staff time or hiring additional personnel.

We know every business is unique, therefore we work collaboratively with you to develop the best marketing package for your needs.

Google Reviews

"Bonnie Groessl has shown expertise in planning for our small business on the internet, especially setting us up on Amazon and our website. She makes great efforts to get things done properly - and succeeds! Bonnie finds solutions to our problems, and makes sure they work well with our website. Individual attention to detail is so different from other companies that had offered ideas to improve our internet presence, but their performance fell short. Bonnie's meetings over the internet are effective, we have a discussion, she offers plans about what to do, then does the jobs efficiently! I highly recommend her and Mike!"

Dr. Chad and Dr. Tanya Sutton (Pennsylvania)


"M&B Global Solutions made the process of updating the text and look of our website a low-stress and satisfying experience. They were very accommodating of our busy schedules and understanding of inconsistent response times. From Mike’s professional writing abilities to Bonnie’s technical skills, their collaborative approach made us feel like we were partners in the process rather than just clients. They are now helping us with content marketing and other services, freeing us up to focus on our business."  

Amanda Austreng, Administrative Supervisor Janssen Dental Clinic, Green Bay (Wisconsin)


“As an independent business owner, finding the time to complete my own marketing efforts can be next to impossible. Bonnie and Mike at M&B Global Solutions have provided me with high-quality services I never would have had the time or expertise to do on my own, such as professionally written blog posts and attractive videos for social media. They even helped me produce a very nice PowerPoint presentation on a tight timeline and offered strategic consultation. I appreciate the value M&B delivers and highly recommend their services.” 

 Jane Armstrong, Las Vegas (Nevada)  


“Mike and Bonnie at M&B Global Solutions are the real deal when it comes to marketing. Not only are they good and knowledgeable at what they do, but you can tell when talking to them, that they actually care about you as a client! I talk to companies almost daily asking to do the same services they provide and not one of them compares to these guys! Highly recommend hearing them out on how they could benefit you!”  

Tyler Zilles, Green Bay (Wisconsin)